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                  A              Right common                    B             Right common
                                 carotid artery   Left common                  carotid artery   Left common
                                                  carotid artery                                carotid artery

                                                 Left subclavian
                 Brachiocephalic                 artery         Brachiocephalic
                 artery                                         artery

                  C            Right common                      D                            Bicarotid trunk
                               carotid artery     Left common                                 artery
                                                  carotid artery

                                                                                             Left subclavian
                                               Left subclavian   Right subclavian            artery
                                               artery            artery
                 Brachiocephalic                                                                Brachiocephalic
                 artery                                                                         trunk


                 Figure 6-1. Types of aortic arch and variants. A: Normal aortic arch has separate origins for the brachiocephalic (innominate), left common
                 carotid, and left subclavian arteries. B: Common origin for the brachiocephalic and left common carotid arteries. C: Left common carotid artery
                 originates separately from the brachiocephalic artery. D: Single brachiocephalic trunk originates from the aortic arch that eventually splits into
                 the bilateral subclavian arteries and a bicarotid trunk. (Redrawn from Layton KF, et al. Bovine Aortic Arch variant in Humans Clarif cation of
                 a common misnomer . AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2006:27:1541-21, with permission from Williams & Wilkins co.)

                 A                                B                             C

                         Type I Aortic arch              Type II Aortic arch               Type III Aortic arch

                 Figure 6-2. Three types of aortic arch. A: Type I aortic arch. The origins of all 3 great vessels are in the same horizontal plane (a dash line).
                 B: Type II aortic arch. The brachiocephalic (or innominate) artery originates between the horizontal planes of the outer (a upper dash line)
                 and inner curvatures (a lower dash line) of the aortic arch. C: Type III aortic arch. The brachiocephalic artery originates below the horizontal plane
                 of the inner curvature (a lower dash line) of the aortic arch.
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